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How many times in the course of a day do you put yourself first?  Let's face it, women have a lot of trouble doing that.  Somewhere along the line we became convinced that putting ourselves first was taboo, and rather than see the benefits of taking time for ourselves, we instead chose to feel guilty about it. In the long-run this type of behavior can catch up with us in the form of poor health, chronic illness, and even cancer.

The American Cancer Society wants us to stop ignoring ourselves, and start caring about ourselves and our health. But that's easier said than done.   To help, they've launched the Choose You campaign, and it's all about helping us keep our individual commitments to healthy living.

So...What is the Choose You campaign all about?

Choose You is a movement created by the American Cancer Society that encourages women to put their own health first in the fight against cancer. The movement challenges women to make healthier choices, and supports them in their commitment to eat right, get active, quit smoking and get regular health checks.

The Choose You Movement shines a light on a hidden issue: that while one in three American women will get cancer in her lifetime, about 50% of cancer deaths could be prevented if more emphasis were placed on early detection and healthier lifestyles including maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise and avoiding tobacco.

Ellen Pompeo, star of Grey's Anatomy, is the official ambassador for the Choose You campaign...



Would you like to know how you can get started?  It's easy and fun, here's what you do...

First Step - You choose your commitment.

You can choose to Eat Right...

You know how important it is to eat right. But did you know that poor diets and sedentary lifestyles are the most significant contributors to cancer risk?

Make a Choose You commitment to healthy eating now. We'll help you get started with informative articles and useful tools. Then, we'll provide all the support you need to stay motivated—every step of the way.

You can choose to Get Active...

If you're like most women, finding time to exercise can be a challenge. But a little can go a long way. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, just 30 minutes (though 45 to 65 is even better ...) of moderate physical exercise five days a week can reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, even diabetes.

Make a Choose You commitment now to get active and get a special offer from Exercise TV. We'll get you started with helpful articles and useful tools that make it easier to fit exercise into your busy schedule. Then, we'll provide all the support you need to stay motivated—every step of the way.

You can choose to Quit Smoking...

We all know why it's so important to quit smoking: it causes one in 5 deaths in the United States, and myriad health problems. But knowing that doesn't make it any easier to stop. If you're like a lot of smokers, you've even experienced several false starts—leaving you demoralized.

Make a Choose You commitment now—and we'll help you stop smoking for good. We'll get you started with informative articles and useful tools like our Quit for Life program. Then we'll provide the support you need to stick to your goals, and finally kick that habit.

You can choose to get Regular Health Checks...

Prevention and early detection are two of the most powerful tools you have when it comes to your health. But with all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy to forget about scheduling those appointments or screenings.

Make a Choose You commitment now to get frequent health checks. We'll get you started with informative articles and useful tools. Then, we'll provide you with the support you need to make physicals, mammograms and colonoscopies a regular part of your yearly health regimen.

With summer right around the corner, you can choose to Protect Your Skin...

You already know about the damage too much sun can do to your skin, and that it can even cause skin cancer—the most common cancer type. But did you know that your risk may increase based on where you live and the medications you take?

Make a Choose You commitment now to protect skin from the effects of the sun and UV light. We'll help you get started with informative articles and useful tools. Then we'll provide the support you need to stay motivated—so you can stick to your skin care regimen and reduce your UV risk.

Second Step - You make a small monetary commitment (as little as $5.00) to give yourself a financial incentive to obtain your goal.  If you're successful you get the cash back, if not, you've just made a kind donation to the American Cancer Society.

Third Step - You then designate someone to be your referee. This is the person that is going to hold you accountable. You can be your own referee, but you'll want to think hard about whether you'll be a good one or not.

Fourth Step - You put together a support team of friends and family, that will help encourage you to meet your goal.

It's so easy to get started.  All of these steps can be done quickly and easily at the Choose You website.

In addition to the website, several of the bloggers from the American Cancer Society's Blogger Advisory Committee (including myself) will also be posting updates, ideas, stories, and more on the Choose You Blog.

Here is a look at what some of the bloggers have already posted.

From Amy at Up With Moms - Me and My BBF Say Choose You...

Of course, the hardest part is keeping committed. First my therapist and now my trainer made me report back my progress to them every week. And Hubby, Nanny and my kids have been my biggest cheerleaders. If I didn't have my "coach" and my own personal cheering section, I definitely would let myself slide. So the other thing I love about Choose You is that you don't need a therapist or a trainer -- it actually keeps you accountable.

*Read full post at Up With Moms

From Darryle Pollak at I Never Signed Up For This - Why I Choose You...

I’m a cancer activist; I know far more than most people about cancer prevention and a healthy lifestyle. But following through is a whole different story. And over the years since my diagnosis, I’ve started to slack off.

Meanwhile, my kids turned into the Food Police. Living on his own, Daniel eats the healthy diet I used to nag him about. Now he’s nagging me-– to practice what I preach.

As I was leaving to return home, Daniel said to me, “Mom, I want you to promise me you’ll take better care of yourself.”

His request turned out to be a Mother’s Day gift from thousands of miles away.

Because waiting for me at home was an email message from the American Cancer Society–where I’m a member of the Blogger Advisory Council. That’s when I learned that the ACS is asking women to commit to make their own health a priority…. and inviting me to participate as one of the featured bloggers.

*Read full post at I Never Signed Up for This

From Julie Pippert at Using My Own Words - I went to NYC and all I got was this...

The main purpose of the trip was Choose You, of course, the new choose health-prevention campaign from American Cancer Society. ACS generously treated us to the trip and it was worth it. I was pumped before but now I feel so plugged in and even more pumped. We had this incredible launch outside Walgreens (a sponsor) in Times Square. Amie and I even made it on a billboard where we swore to make good choices for our health. That's a for real serious commitment.

*See pics from Julie's trip to NYC here.

Are you ready to Choose You?  If so, I hope you'll share some of your Choose You stories here on BlogHer too.

Here are a few healthy eating posts that I've recently done for BlogHer...

(above image from Julie Pippert)

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