Join me for this month’s Delicious Vietnam blogging event!

Remember when I said I was obsessed with making curries lately? 

One particular curry I have been thoroughly obsessing about is Vietnamese Curry. The problem is that I’ve nearly run out of Vietnamese curry powder!

I’ve saved one small precious bag of the original curry mix and have been using it as standard to make my own experimental spice blends. I’m hoping I don’t wear out my spice/coffee grinder!

So I guess it’s not the actual curry dish that I’ve been obsessing about but the spice powder.

The only problem is that there are hardly any recipes online and almost all recipes just tell you to substitute Madras curry. I’ve tried using Madras curry and while the results are still good, it’s just not the real deal because for one thing, Madras curry does not use annatto seeds as an ingredient.

My latest experimental batch is very close to the mass-produced one. I’m not aiming for a 100% match as (1) I think that would be near impossible and (2) curries are a personal thing so I’m just aiming to make a powder who’s taste I can be happy with. And I’m very happy with the last batch but I think it needs more turmeric and annatto.

I am hosting Delicious Vietnam for November and hopefully I’ll soon have a spice powder worthy of a blog post.

Will you join me this month?

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