Join Us on Tuesday, October 27 for a Twitter Chat With Sarah Michelle Gellar

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In just about two weeks now, 500 food-focused creators will be descending on Chicago's Hyatt Regency to immerse themselves in the #BlogHerFood15 experience. (Yes, you can still register, although we're nearing absolute capacity.)

The conference will close out with an interview with food and lifestyle entrepreneur, actress and SheKnows Expert Sarah Michelle Gellar, talking about spending the last year in stealth mode with her newly-launched company Foodstirs.

Join Us on Tuesday, October 27 for a Twitter Chat with Sarah Michelle Gellar

Yours truly will be conducting the interview, but first we'll be doing a Twitter Chat with Sarah Michelle next Tuesday, October 27 at 1PM PT... to give attendees an amuse bouche before the main course of the keynote interview, and to give those of you who sadly cannot join us in person just a taste of what Sarah Michelle has learned over this past year.

I asked her a few questions recently while we were prepping for the interview, so consider this post a tease to the tease of the Twitter chat!

Elisa Camahort Page: What was the most surprising thing you learned about what it takes to be a great cook or baker for your family, versus what it takes to create great food products for other families?

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Actually, it's not that different. The way I look at my audience is as my family. I want to create same product and environment for them as for my own family.

ECP: Being so famous for acting, what is most interesting to you about how people react to you becoming an entrepreneur (and in the food business, as opposed to the entertainment or media business). Have you found you get pigeonholed? Or people assume you’re not really involved? Or?

SMG: I definitely encountered skepticism, because for some time actors have been "pitch men," but now with social media there’s a different expectation of truth in advertising. I can’t just slap my name on something. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, necessarily. We have a platform, and brands want to get their message out. But it's not me. I go all out. I need to be there day in and day out. If I'm going to support a non-profit, I'm not just going to go to their gala. I'm going to go to Africa and mine seaweed. I'm going to go to South America and learn all about microfinance. And with Foodstirs, I'm committed. It's the first thing I can truly say is 100 percent me.

ECP: How young were you and Freddie when you each remember getting interested in cooking, versus how young were your kids when you started involving them in your kitchen activities?

SMG: Freddie was in the kitchen since he was child. I wasn't. My mom was a chef, but I was a New York City girl. I made reservations. Which is not to say I didn't care about food. I was exposed to a lot of food at a young age. At five years old my favorite dish was snails and black bean sauce from a local Chinese restaurant!

When our kids showed interest in what Freddie was doing in the kitchen, I realized, "I’m going to miss out on this. I need to get in there with them, because I’m missing them." Freddie wasn’t baking, though, and kids will get interested in baking, so that's how it started.

ECP: Do you have an approach you use to getting your kids to try new foods?

SMG: Kids will always push back. It's part of growing up that they're finding the limits. If you make them a part of the process, they’re more likely to try it, and I'm lucky because my kids aren’t finicky. But w do use an approach inspired by Freddie's Jujitsu training: You try a food 10 times. Then twice more, and only then can you decide you don’t like it.

ECP: Sounds like personal trainers who keep making you do "only five more" sit-ups.

SMG: It's exactly like that. 

I'm going to have to suggest that technique to my sister and brother-in-law. He takes martial arts, so it would be totally in character, and they have one son who is pretty experimental, and one who's...shall we say...less so.

Come join Sarah Michelle and me to talk about lots more this Tuesday at 1PM PT (4PM ET).

And then come see us in Chicago on November 6-7... I can't wait!

Elisa Camahort Page
Chief Community Officer, SheKnows Media
BlogHer Co-Founder


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