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Friday night, I was reading my feeds and the little one was shoulder surfing. Dooce fed a post with video celebrating Coco's first birthday, so I clicked it. Liz oooohed and ahhhhed over Coco and I realized she had no idea that Dooce has a much better dog than Coco... Chuck is far superior! So I went to Dooce, clicked the Daily Chuck and we surfed photos.

It was troubling because the kid was still enthralled by Coco. I needed Former Congressman Chuck from the old days so I dug deeper into the archives and started finding the photos I knew would win her over to the Chuck side.

Liz loved the noodle video (a classic) and she was warming up to him, the more we clicked. But, it wasn't until we stumbled into Chuck and the tiny white pumpkin that Liz became a true Chuck fan.

Liz loves tiny white pumpkins. And, I believe she saw a kindred spirit in Chuck because she tends to wander around the house with her tiny white pumpkin on her head.

I have become a fan of the white pumpkin. I remember when they first started to appear on the scene (no children, we did not always have white pumpkins), they were a bit shocking.

They are more common now, and less of a novelty, but still not nearly as popular or available as the orange. Too bad because look at the things you can do with white pumpkins. Oh wait, look at the shiny copper pumpkins, I know a Prince who would love those.

Care to join our white pumpkin fan club? You don't have to wander around with one on your head to join, but it's OK if you do.

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