The joke is on us - Pantone's Emerald spring trend

I'm sure you have heard/seen/read that Pantone declared Emerald the color for spring 2013.  I receive the trend reports from Pantone and a handful of others and usually am right on board.

This season I have a sneaking suspicion that the Pantone minions were (in my head I see them as the yellow guys from Despicable Me) sitting around a conference table with paint splattered all over the walls, giggling. 

 Emerald is lovely for an accent in the fall...ok spring too, in bits...but few of us can actually wear the color full on.  I think a minion giggled, muttered something about sheep...then yelled "Emerald!" and laughed some more. I, for one, probably will not follow.  I had emerald green shoes and tossed them last year because it reminded me of the Wizard of Oz.

 I just cannot wear any shade of green.  For those who can...good for you.  There will be truck loads of emerald colored clothing waiting for you.  Maybe I will play with some green eye shadows  (hears minions giggling again).

Here is the spring fashion palette from Pantone.  This has got to be the most difficult to wear color set I've seen in ages.

I can see editing emerald toward a more teal hue for my use.  Blues are usually good on me and occasionally a red.  No Nectarine, Lemon Zest or Tender Shoots for me, thanks.

Well...what color will you wear? 


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