Jon Stewart, Bill O'Reilly, and Common--OH MY!

On Monday night, Jon Stewart accepted an invitation from Bill O'Reilly to come on The O'Reilly Factor to debate the invitation of rapper Common to the White House Poetry Slam.

Apparently, the invitation of Common to the poetry slam has become a hot-button issue, with certain individuals including Bill O'Reilly, suggesting that it was inappropriate for President Obama to allow Common into the White House due to the fact that Common has visited and written songs about Black Panther member Assata Shakur, who was convicted of killing a police officer.

Stewart countered that Common's songs about Shakur seem to imply that he believes she was wrongfully imprisoned, not that Common supports killing police officers. Further, Stewart questioned this has suddenly become a hot button issue--Bono, Springsteen, and Bob Dylan all wrote songs about individuals who killed police officers or other government officials, and have all been invited to the White House without hub-bub. Stewart went on to accuse Fox News of being "a selective outrage machine...that pettyfogs [an issue] only when it suits the narrative that suits them."

Watch the interview/debate for yourself at CBS News.

I'm curious--did you watch the debate last night? What do you think? Is this issue worthy of all the air-time it's getting?

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