Jory Des Jardins Interviews Andra Liemandt From the Band The Mrs

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BlogHer did something this year at BlogHer’14 that it has never done before: launch a single.

BlogHer Co-Founder Jory Des Jardins sits down with Andra Liemandt, the drummer known as the force behind the The Mrs., an all-girl rock band from Austin, Texas, that can rock out with the best of the chart-toppers, but sings about issues grown-ups can actually relate to. The Mrs. launched its first single in collaboration with BlogHer at BlogHer14, an event which the band cosponsored.

WATCH as the two women talk in a genConnect interview about why messages sung by The Mrs. are so important, and how five women from Austin came together to become rock stars:

The Mrs. released its first single at BlogHer’14, called “Enough”, and is part of its #imEnough movement. The movement is aimed at helping women regain their self-confidence in knowing that everything they do is enough. Not everyone gets the recognition they deserve and BlogHer is setting out to make sure that every individual knows that they make a difference in the world.

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The Mrs. writes music that connects with women on issues such as careers, marriage and friendship—themes that can’t always be found in tunes on traditional radio. So BlogHer was a natural place for The Mrs. to connect with women who cared deeply about messages on those topics.

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The band also made an exhibitor booth and a video to go along with the #imEnough movement. The goal was to highlight the unsung female heroes the band saw in their Austin community. These heroes included moms, teachers, military servicewomen, and so many more. In the exhibit, these women were asked how they felt when they looked in the mirror. The Mrs. didn’t like the answer, so they decided to help change it, with emotional personalized messages put together by the friends and families of each individual that walked up to the booth.

“We want to touch women’s lives,” said Liemandt. “There’s so many women out there … that need to know how beautiful and how powerful and how strong and how smart and all of these things that they are.”

WATCH the “#imEnough” video put together by The Mrs. below. Caution: have your tissue box handy!