THE JOURNEY BACK TO MAGNIFICENCE.......To Who You Are Meant To Be.........Enviornments.....


I believe we are all created beautiful and magnificent…….We are created in God’s Image…..And yet, what happens along the way seems to create in some people anything but magnificence…….Why is this so…?

Believing that we all were born beautiful and uniquely ourselves I believe overtime environments shape the clay we are given to mold (ourselves). A negative environment can impact a person in so many ways that they cease seeing themselves as beautiful let alone magnificent……Negative input from any source will begin to diminish what God created beautiful…….Overtime a person no longer sees themselves as either beautiful or magnificent…

How does one get back their Magnificence?.....How does one see themselves as beautiful? How does one get rid of all the garbage they accumulated along the way? How does one find their way back to who they were designed to be….beautiful and magnificent?

The journey back to Magnificence is your decision….It can’t come from anyone else….First, one must decide that they are beautiful and magnificent just as they are while working towards their Best Self….Our Best Self is a lifelong journey and not a one stop and shop……Our Magnificence is restored overtime……by our bringing it back….but it is already within us. It never left us….It had just simply got covered up through the years of negative garbage thoughts and input….It is time to Uncover Our Magnificence….

Believing in who you are is the very start of Magnificence. Recognizing that you are a design of God and God designs everyone perfect although each may look and seem different…..We all contribute something unique and beautiful to the world when we uncover our beauty that got covered up….

Simply See yourself as MAGNIFICENT from this day forward….each and every day….You are beautiful…



Our environments shape almost everything we do…..Environments are not equal for what we want in life……Each environment provides something uniquely different than another environment……It is up to us to pick and choose the environment that we can succeed with our life dreams….If we stay where our dream cannot flourish it is unlikely that it will become what we want it to be….

I see so many people hold on to environments that truly they are not happy in. They know there are no opportunities for them where they are at and yet they stay put….I understand it is not always easy to make environmental changes whether they be small ones (like changing the church one goes to) to bigger ones like job changes or geographical locations where they live…..Change is often not easy at all….And yet, without change most often the opportunities we want will not come about…..

Some opportunities require us to change where we are…..Often people will not make those changes and in turn lose out on a wonderful opportunity. Many times there simply will not be any opportunity presented to us till we make a change of some kind….Accessing our environments to decide if they are right for us or not to achieve our goals is key to us achieving them….

If you want to plant oranges you are best to do it in Florida rather than Alaska….but if you want to go sled riding Florida may not be the place… Choose environments that promote what you want…


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