The journey begins

Yesterday I told the Pirate that I was making the switch to "family cloth".  He had the expected response: EEEWWWW!! until I told him he didn't need to use it. Actually, I don't want him to use it.  I'm sticking with the non-stickies for this and boys don't use potty paper for that.

Why now? 

Well, I've been thinking about it for a while; it does take time to get over the ick factor, after all, and I think I've finally rationalized that part in my brain.  It's not really all that different from underwear, right?  I mean, you get all kinds of stuff on those, and you just chuck 'em in the wash without thinking about it and go on with your life, so, ick-factor overcome.

Second, with all my free time, having lost my job and all, I'm finally starting to clean out piles and boxes and bags that have been building up in my junk guest room. I have all this material from old sewing projects and dead t-shirts so why not put it to good use?  I cut up a bunch of stuff into napkins, silk hankies for the Pirate, and potty cloth.

And I really am using it.  And it's really not so bad.  Actually nicer than t.p. since the squares are big enough not to get damp, and I just stuff them into a plastic bag that'll get dumped in the wash.  When I get around to wash.

The big reason, of course, is that I'm trying to save money.  Not having an income is a good incentive, as it turns out, and I'm exploring ways of doing it.

And 'exploring' is a good choice for this adventure.  I'm well educated in the abstracts, but woefully unschooled in the practical.  I'm actively trying to change that by doing some frugal recipes for laundry and dishwasher soap, making face scrubs, and working my way towards gardening and growing my own foods.

Except I really don't have a clue.  If you happened upon this blog and got all excited about the excellent tips you'll glean from my brilliant, informative posts, move on.  I am setting out on this adventure with a good knowledge of how to use search engines and not much else.

Check in every now and again.  I'll try to keep you from making the same big mistakes I make, and convince you that, compared to me, you couldn't possibly do worse...



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