The Joy of Joy

How many minutes of our day do we spend enjoying the "joy" of our lives.  I would suspect that most of us do not do it enough.  It may seem like a simplistic notion, creed, of living, but honest and fulfilling nonetheless.  There are so many individuals among us, that naturally our lives range from one complexity to the next.  However, we all have joy, don't we?  For example, when i wake up on time in the morning, feed my dogs, make my step-daughter's lunch and kiss her and my husband good-bye on their way to school and work, I feel triumphant in accomplishment, henceforth enjoying in my joy.  Simple yes, but joyous all the same.  On the other hand, for those of you who are in charge a large project at work, when it is delivered and your clients are all smiles, I hope that you take a moment to smile too, and enjoy your joy.  There are 1,440 minutes throughout each 24-hour day, I hope that everyone can relish in a few of those minutes to enjoy your joy.


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