The Joy of (Occasionally) Not Cooking

A few weeks ago, Jim and I were sitting in the living room talking about how mundane our nightly chores have become.  While I love cooking, and seeing my family enjoy healthy, delicious meals, there are nights when I just don't feel up to planning, preparing, and serving dinner. Apparently Jim feels the same way about doing the dishes and giving Grace a bath.  Sure he loves spending that quality time with Grace, (who right now is obsessed with bringing no less than fifty plastic horses into the bathtub with her), but some nights he'd just like to be able to take that time to read over some briefs or watch the latest episode of "The Office" on youtube. Hearing that one another were both feeling the same way, we decided that once a week we would switch chores.  So last night, just like he has for the past three weeks, Jim cooked dinner for us.

Here are 5 reasons why I am quickly falling in love with our Wednesday night schedule:
  1. Jim secretly plans Wednesday dinner.  He rifles through my collection of cookbooks searching for the perfect meal, covering the titles of the recipes he is reading as I walk by.  It's really cute and exciting, and it feels like we are in the beginning stages of dating, when we were always doing little surprising things for one another. 
  2. All of the meals he has prepared are ones that we love and haven't eaten in awhile.  It's such an unexpected joy to know that dinner is going to be something completely out of our regular meal rotation.
  3. There is something really attractive about a man in the kitchen.
  4. Jim is really great about cleaning as he goes.  That means, that unlike when I make dinner, there isn't a mound of dishes waiting in the sink for me when he is done. 
  5. When a recipe calls for cognac, Jim has no qualms about substituting it with whiskey...and it works!  

Joy of Cooking's Beef Stroganoff Recipe
Last night, Jim made the Beef Stroganoff recipe from "The Joy of Cooking". We don't eat meat, so he substituted the fillet of beef with one pound of sliced, portobello mushrooms. It was creamy, scrumptious, and such a comforting dish that I'm hoping he makes it again soon.  And in case you are wondering, yes,of course he deglazed the pan with a little whiskey. 


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