On Judgment

I've never really bought into the competitive parenting thing. Of all of the several dozen parents of small children I've known since my kids were born, not one of them made a decision for their child because they wanted to show their friends what good parents they can be.

Who does that? Seriously!

Which of us has the wisdom to look at the other trying to tame their shrieking two-year-old and conclude that we do it better? I promise, we don't.

Talking about kids, the way kids grow, the way kids learn, and how we can parent to make ANY of it easier has been the key to my sanity for the last five years. No one tells us when we're pregnant that parenting will be the most difficult thing we ever do. (Or if they tell us, we don't believe them.) Friends with kids are blessings beyond measure.

I love discussing early learning with parents. I love finding ways to help toddlers and preschoolers keep on loving learning for as long as they possibly can. I love being able to participate in this incredible stage of their development. Each of them are so excited about discovering all of everything EVERY DAY!

Did I mention that I have the best job in the whole world? (Or is that too competitive?)

I get a lot of questions about the way I parent, though. A LOT. A lot of questions about why we do some things (like not letting them have more to eat until they've finished what's on their plate), and why we don't do other things (like spanking). Here are some answers to a couple of the curiouser ones:


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