Judo Grand Slam Paris 2014

The exciting and thrilling journey of Judo Grand Slam Paris ’14 has finally come to a conclusion. The event took place on February 8 & 9, 2014 at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy. This year’s edition of the Judo Grand Slam welcomed a total of 472 male & female participants from seventy-five nations across the globe. Featuring some of the finest Judokas from the world over, Grand Slam Paris ‘14 wasn’t any less exciting that its previous editions. This year’s star studded lineup of Judokas, from all over the world, packed Palais Omnisports d Paris-Bercy with Judo fans in large numbers.

First of the Four

On the happening calendar of International Judo Federation, Judo Grand Slam Paris is the first of the four Judo Grand Slams that are held each year. Held under the banner of French Federation of Judo & Jujitsu and as a part of the Grand Prix Series, Grand Slam Paris attracts Judokas from different parts of the world. Formerly known as the International Tournament of Paris, the event currently takes place at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy. The event features men’s competition in the weight categories of -60Kgs, -66Kgs, -73Kgs, -81Kgs, -90Kgs, -100Kgs and +100Kgs; while the female Judokas compete in categories of -48Kgs, -53Kgs, -57Kgs, -63Kgs, -70Kgs, -78Kgs, and +78Kgs. Each weight category is further divided up into four Pools, and the winner of each pool then competes in the semifinals. Subsequently, the winners of semifinals go for the bigger catch at the Finals of each weight category.

Final Verdict

As many competed for the highest prize at the Grand Slam only the few came out on top. The final verdict or the results for the finals are as follows:

  • Netherlands claimed its second Gold medal after Linda Boulder claimed her victory over Fanny Estelle Posvite from France in women’s -70Kgs category.
  • France lost yet another shot at Gold Medal when Madeleine Malonga made her appearance at this grand stage, but lost to the Slovenian veteran and former Rijeka Grand Prix winner Anamari Velensek in the women’s -78Kgs category.
  • In the women’s +78Kgs category, Yamabe Kanae claimed her first Grand Slam Gold Medal after she defeated Emilie Andeol with an osoto-gari for ippon.
  • In the men’s under 81Kgs category French Judoka, Loic Pietri was defeated by Avtandili Tchrikishvili for the Gold Medal.
  • Lee Kyu-Won, who has been a former World Champion, took home the Gold Medal for -90 Kgs category after his rival Varlam Liparteliani was unable to fight due to his injury on the final day of the event.
  • Cyrille Maret and Lukas Krpalek really brought the crowd to the edge of their seats, as the two battled for the Gold in the final of -100Kgs category. Both the Judokas received two shido penalties each, and later both of them scored a yuko. However since Lukas Krpalek had three shido penalties to his name, this enthralling clash came to an end when Gold Medal ultimately went to French Judoka Cyrille Maret.
  • Reigning All Japan Judo Champion, Shichinohe Ryu won his first ever Grand Slam gold medal after he downed the Brazilian Judoka David Moura. Ryu performed uchi-mata to claim his amazing victory just after thirteen seconds into the fight in the over 100Kgs category.

With Judo Grand Slam Paris ’14 coming to a memorable conclusion, there’s still a lot to come for the fans of Judo. So stay tuned and ready for more action coming your way.

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