Juice Fast Day #3

By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf


photophoto (1)

Cantaloupe and Banana.


photo (2)photo (3)

Spinach, Carrot, Beet, Bell Pepper, Celery, Apple, Orange.


photo (4)

photo (5)

Banana, Celery, Mango, Cantaloupe.


photo (6)

Kale, Lemon, Garlic, Cauliflower, Broccoli. 



Juice Fast Day 3 was hard not because I was craving any specific food, or feeling physically ill. Day 3 was difficult because I was bored of drinking juice. I started breakfast off with a treat, a Banana and Cantaloupe smoothie, (so sweet and so frothy), in the hopes that it would get me excited about juicing for the rest of the day, but it didn’t.  I realized that by the end of day 2, I was hungry but letting myself starve instead of drinking more juice. My relationship with food is healthy. I love to eat and exercising my anorexic will power was not the point of the Juice Fast.

On Day 3 I was also supposed to go to the beach with my friends, but the thought of having to prepare countless bottles of juice ahead of time and carrying them with me throughout the day was giving me anxiety. By late morning the weather was still dreary, the beach trip was cancelled and I was relieved to be staying home. That is when I started to make a mental list of why a juice only diet sucks… Just kidding. No but really, it did affect my social life and by the end of day 3 I was really annoyed that I had started to feel like I was shackled to the juicer. Jack Lalanne my captor and micronutrient filled juice my punishment.

I had my snack juice around 4:00, knowing that by 6:00 I would have to make my last juice of the day and that by 8:00 I would have to let myself feel like a kid who had been sent to bed without dinner. The mental battle began. Do I continue? Do I give in and have vegetables that I can cook and chew for dinner? Have I proven to myself yet that I am strong enough to do a juice fast? Why am I doing this anyway, I don’t have a weight loss goal or an illness I am trying to cure? My mental battle continued for hours. At dinnertime I asked my body and my taste buds what they were craving and set some Kale and Cauliflower on the cutting board. I wanted savory and salty, tangy and warm. I wanted to feel the crunch of the cauliflower as I bit into it. I wanted to eat some solid food! My juice fast finished on Day 3 at 6:00pm.

Would I do a juice fast again? Absolutely. I would do a one-day juice fast because on day one it was fun and I felt excited and energetic about it. By day 3, juicing felt like a chore. I am more awed now by the fact that Joe Cross from the documentary “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead,” did a juice fast for 60 days. All I can say is, amazing.



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