Julie & Julia: When Life Imitates Art

There's an old saying that life imitates art.

In the case of Julie & Julia that couldn't be more true for me...except I'm not a particularly good cook, I rarely consult a cook book and I don't intend to change that any time soon.

No, the writing theme (and the wisp of a reference to infertility) that ran through Julie & Julia  is what I'm talking about. Writing fulfilled and calmed a restlessness in both Julie and Julia -- much like it did me. Each felt a need to fill their free time with something meaningful. In both cases writing did (along with that cooking thing, of course). 

Restlessness and a drive to do something with free time is something that infertile women like me in particular understand more than most. For women who do not want to have children they typically make that very deliberate decision to pursue other passions. For those for whom motherhood comes easily or unexpectedly there is rarely the time -- during the child-rearing years anyway -- to figure out what to do with one's life. They're too busy being parents.  Sure infertile women have doctor appointments and cycle watches to obsess over but once the treatments stop (a part-time job unto itself) the restlessness settles in.

One big lesson I took away from Julie & Julia is that women unable to have children (once we grieve our losses) can devote our time and energies in ways that bring their own special rewards -- even if we don't know how to properly poach an egg.



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