July 6th 1993 – The Giant Clam Farm

My Dream:

Me and Ethan were walking around a city hanging out. At one point he left, and when I found him I grabbed his collar and told him, “you’ve screwed me over twice now – never do it again!” And I screamed this! Then we went and checked out these huge markets! When I was checking out this one stand, I grabbed this shirt that was woven and pretty see through. I tried it on. Then I went back and found Ethan leaving my clothes at the stall.

When I found Ethan, he was in the yard of a huge mansion talking to Andrew McCarthy. So, I went up to Ethan and put my arms around his shoulders and told him I’d be right back! So I ran to find my clothes, but when I got to the stall it was all closed up. I asked the dude who ran it about my clothes. He said he knew of them.

Then all of a sudden the dream switches and I’m a criminal! I was walking through this house – this huge nice house – sneaking around. Then all of a sudden I went into a shop and started checking out the fruit and that. I thought I saw a rack of cool skirts up the back, so I tried to get to them, and I couldn’t’ find the proper isle to get to them. Meanwhile, the clerk has realized that I am a criminal and then some men tried to catch me! It was weird!

Then it switches off to me getting a haircut. Whoever cut my hair butched-it off. It was up to my ears and had fringe that was even shorter. I cried my eyes out!! When I woke up I checked that I still had plenty of hair, I almost Kissed it!

Now for today:

After breakfast we went on a huge swim/snorkel. It was amazing. On the way out we went over to the Giant Clam farm. They looked excellent under water and all opened up. I can’t believe the size of them and they are small. Once we went around the point, we saw heaps of really colorful coral and fish. It was the best coral we have seen yet! There were little floating clear things with red insides and a a couple of people got stung by them! They are freaky.

When I am snorkeling I feel like I am flying over all the various plains and valleys. It’s beautiful. So, after we snorkeled around Pioneer Bay, we made the long swim back against the current! Boy, it was a long swim! Heaps long. It was great!


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