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This past Mother's Day weekend I went to see Jumping the Broom.  I was pleased to see a Black film in theaters and, of course I decided to support.  

My grandmother summed up the film in one word, "trite."  

But, let me examine the film closer, because there were pros and cons.

Pro: There are some good laughs.
Con: The storyline is a bit simple.

I saw the movie in theaters to do my part and support Black films.  The movie is a rental.  It isn't really meant to be seen in theaters.  No car explosions or amazing cinematography. It is a simple romantic comedy with some funny moments.

Pro: The cast is superb.  From Angela Basset to Loretta Divine (plus some cameos from The Game's Pooch and Meghan Good) the cast is all-start status.
Con: The casting was faulty.

Paula Patton and Laz Alonso are too old to play these parts.  The couple should be impulsive, and in love, and I'm sorry but younger than 30.  I was very confused at the age of these two individuals.  Based upon their designer duds and careers they should be 35 at the youngest.  But, the characterization of the female protagonist, played by Patton, suggested that she was around 27... Paula Patton, although very attractive, is nobody's 27.

Pro: It is a feel good movie with a good moral foundation.
Con: The Christianity was awkward and often times distracting.

I think it is good that there are family film options in theaters, but the writing of these gospel movies is subpar at best.  I call it the "insert God here" method of writing.  I feel like screenwriters are taking advantage of Christian audiences.  I actually laughed when the groom started a monologue of prayer. I didn't laugh because I'm not a Christian. I laughed because the speech was cringy and not well-written which leads me to my next con...

Con: Awful dialogue.

I was shaking my head throughout the film when the characters spoke.  The dialogue was choppy and awkward. It was nothing the actors could have done.  It was the writing.

Pro: Medea isn't in it.
Con: The Tyler Perry cliche "family secret" plot twist is.  Also, the other theme of the "successful Black person as a bad person" is there.

As far as the Uptown vs. Downtown tagline of the film; there has been a trend of the successful Black being mistaken as a bad guy.  It happens in Tyler Perry films and is gospel plays.  It is as if we as a people are saying that making money equates not being a "real" Black person.  This thinking is silly and I won't address it any further.   I'm also seriously sick of  Black families having the DUN DUN DUN!!! Family Secret Plot Twist. I wish we could have a Black film that had more of a focus on character development as opposed to plot twists and turns.

Conclusion: Great cast and fair laughs... If you want to support Black cinema go see it.  But, in my opinion this film is best left as a rental.

Did you see Jumping the Broom?  What did you think?


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