Jumping Jacks Are So Not My Favorite

Each time I do jumping jacks, I wish I was wearing some nice tight spandex that would keep my fat nice and secure.  It is one blechy 'ol feeling to have breasts and stomach and thighs all jumping to their own beat.  I put on a jogging bra and that helped one zone, but the others are left to the beat of their own drum.  Again, I am ever so thankful to not have video cameras on me, people around, or windows without blinds.

There was an article in a newspaper saying that gyms are not very welcoming for people who are obese.  Technically, I guess I'm obese.  I think of myself as super chunky and fat and as a "fat cow", but medically I qualify as obese.  And I feel like I could go into the local gym, but I would be very uncomfortable in any of the classes filled with their semi-fit and fit participants and it would take a LOT of self-talk to get me there.

It doesn't matter because I have kids so I'm stuck at home for my workout regime.  And that's why I have Jillian's 30 Day Shred.  Really - 30 Day SHRED sounds kinda like powerful stuff.  I'm into that.

But what I'm really into is that it is ONLY 20 minutes.  I think if it was any longer I would find an excuse to stop.  And I have to admit that I think she's structured the 20 minutes pretty well.

It starts with a couple stretches and then those horrible jumping jacks.  I hate them and everyday I announce that I hate them, but in actuality they're getting better.  But this is what she does well - she changes the exercise right when I'm pretty much DONE with any kind of participation (about 30 seconds) and somehow the next exercise just manages to get to that point (about 30 seconds) where I just barely make it, before another one comes up.

It's rather brilliant how she keeps things short and simple and intense.  Mentally, it's working for me.

Now, I am not endorsing the DVD over any others - just saying it's been working for me and I am improving and I can see my endurance and my strength improving


But I also know that it's only 20 minutes a day, but it's a dang good start.

So I'm not doing the couch to 5K routine and I'm not out jogging (it's too icy anyway), but I am doing this and, along with the calorie counting thing, it counts.

However, tomorrow I will wake up and not want to do anything and I will experience stress until I do the dang DVD and I will curse the jumping jacks and the push ups and want to quit - so I really really hope that I continue to stick with it.

And to all the others out there who are in a similar boat - we can do it - by gosh - we CAN.



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