june goals

june goals It's June! Totally cray-cray, right? Now it finally feels like real summer. So this is the perfect time to review the last month and set some new June goals for the month. Let's review my goals from May to see how I did.

Blog Goals -

Last month, I wanted to finish up my wordpress transfer stuff by updating my social media backgrounds. Fail. However, I did finish the Content Brew course just like I planned. I would definitely recommend this course - it's a way to rethink how to come up with new blog content and definitely gave me new ways to think up posts and also has helped me to get more organized. Success. For June - - I need to actually finish updating my social media sites so everything is all matchy matchy. I've also been meaning to make a media kit for one hundred years, so I should probably do that. - Revamp my sponsorship options. Having sponsors on your blog is so great - you get a little extra money and get to help and meet new bloggers. But lately I've been feeling a little burnt out with it, so I'm brainstorming different ways to do sponsorships.

House Goals -

failed at getting our vents fixed in our house, oops. I think it'll be pretty complicated, so we need an HVAC person to come check on it. I also didn't paint our bedroom like I planned (fail), but I have done a lot of work on de-jungle-ifying our yard. I will post updates on that soon! I also manged to change out some of my winter clothes/shoes. Success.

For June -  - Continue to fix up the yard/garden. I have been doing a lot and my parents have been helping too. I'm excited to finish up some things and post "after" photos soon. - Turn our office into an actual office. I want to organize everything better so the room isn't just a total junk space.

Wedding Goals -

Fail. I wanted to get on the Martha Stewart website and make sure I was on track, but I totally didn't at all. Oops.

For June -  - Get my dress fitted. I'm hoping to use my friend's tailor, so I need to go for a fitting and see how that goes. - Figure out a timeline of events so I can start invitation shopping. My goals for invitations are "cheap as possible but don't look super cheap." Easy, right? According to theknot.com, I should've ordered my invitations like a month ago. Hahahaha. #oops

Exercise Goals -

Success. I have been continuing with my ballet classes as well as going to the gym. Plus all the yard work has been great exercise as well!

For June -  - Continue to do fun exercises, but also get outside more. I'm already off to a good start. Yesterday, Jarrod and I rented bikes and rode along one of the trails in Pittsburgh. It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time! I hope to rent bikes more this summer and also get to the pool. Fingers crossed for continued good weather!

Other Goals -

For June -  - I want to start using my camera more and need to keep on practicing. Which includes the photo above of all the plants that I have successfully kept alive for awhile! I'm excited to keep practicing with my dslr, especially in this pretty weather. And my practice will be even more fun with this pretty new camera strap I got from iMo - isn't is fabulous? I love the fun print and the strap itself is nice and comfy since it's padded. Check out iMo if you're looking for a new camera strap. IMG_5221IMG_5210 IMG_5220

Camera strap c/o iMo.

How did everyone else's goals for May go / what are your goals for June? Also if you missed it, here are some of my fave posts I wrote last month - 

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