Jungle Fever - Who's The Biggest Cheat-ah?!!


Ladies, it was just this past weekend that I found myself in the middle of a heated debate with both men and women who shared different views about a topic that is very very argumentative...and that is...When it comes to relationships, who are the biggest cheaters?!

I sure do hope that by the end of this blog I would have tons of comments from ladies who have input on such a topic, because this is a very hot one. During the argument, I did stick up for us ladies, and it’s not because I was being bias, I just think that when compared to men, we are not that big of cheaters.

The reason I argued so strongly was because first and foremost, women are more giving than men are. For us, society has already given us standards that we almost have to follow, in order to hold a good reputation and a lot of us, put that first before we consider doing anything that will make us look or feel bad about ourselves.

Second, women are more focused on the big picture than men are. Most men are driven, by the "here and now" outlook, meaning they deal with what's in front of them and think of the consequences later. 

I didn't rule out the fact that some women cheat, but I answered as I was asked...who I think is the biggest cheater -- women or men?...and again, my answer was men. To me, men are driven by the physical, but most women, because our feelings are so grounded in the person in our lives, we hardly allow ourselves to fall weak to anyone else, even if that person is better looking or a better pick than the person in our lives. We are easily dedicated than men are. 

Even though, I didn't think we were bigger cheaters, I did give us the crown for being 'the best cheaters'! Not that that is a good thing, but I just think we would win that hands down. The reason women would last longer at cheating is because unlike most men, we don’t think about here and now, we think about everything including the future that we can not even see. Most men would take a risk at cheating if the \y can get away with it, but us women, we are extra cautious. 

For example, your side guy wants to take you out, unlike your man who would probably go to a public movie or restaurant, you would probably do some in-door dining and romantic cuddling and chatting in a cozy bedroom.  Proof that you are trying to eliminate the possibility of being seen by someone who knows you or your man.

E.g., number two: women who are in exclusive relationships and are cheating play the male role. We are the ones getting the numbers and making the contact, leaving the side guy to follow our instructions as to when to call, where to meet up and what time. 


So, hands down men are the biggest cheaters, because they cheat because they can. Us, we are the best cheaters, because we don’t cheat because we can, we cheat because there's something lacking. Please share your opinions; I would love to hear them!


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