Just Be Sick

I will be the first to admit I am a stubborn little one, especially when it comes to admitting I am sick.

It took waking up at 3:30am Saturday morning with my covers off, butt naked, heat off, a freezing cold room, chills on my arms and legs, yet unable to stop sweating for me to truly admit to myself I was sick. A trip to the Urgent Care later that morning confirmed I had the flu {have you ever had that test? ouch! that sucker hurt!!}.

I am not sure if it was the test confirming that I wasn't making everything up in my head, but from that moment I ran with "being sick". I allowed others to bring me food when I needed it, I did not leave my bed, except to move to my couch, I didn't check my work email, I slept as long as my body desired with no alarms or concerns for time, I watched tons of tv and I let my apartment sit there in the beautiful mess it was in. I finally accepted my fate. And I owned it.

Acceptance, whether we care to admit it or not, is a hard. It makes us get real with ourselves, which is totally scary. But once we accept the circumstances we are in, we stop using our energy to fight ourselves and use every ounce of energy we have to heal and/or adjust.

Now excuse me as I continue practicing my acceptance of being sick, take my next dosage of meds to stop this coughing fit, and head back to bed ;)




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