Just because of her IQ, you won't help her?

One of my biggest fears?  That someday people will deem “Alexander” not worthy of medical treatment.  That some day, some doctor will say, “No more seizure medicine.”  "No more g-tube formula." " He’s never going to be a rocket scientist – so we will not help him."  Many of you are probably thinking these fears seem irrational.DSC_0008


It just happened.  Not to Alexander, but to one of his closest pals, Mia.


Mia is beautiful.  She is sweet.  She is innocent.  She is so loving.  She could be Alexander.  She has the same syndrome, the same diagnosis, and on paper – they both are classified as MR.


They both take slow steps.  But, unless something is done – the doctors at CHOP (Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia) are DSC_0033softnot going to allow Mia to …. live.


Mia needs a kidney transplant. In 6 months to a year.  Her parents aren’t even asking to be put on a list. They want to step up and donate one themselves.  They don’t even want to take a kidney donated from anyone else…. And CHOP has just denied them.  They say they will not do surgery for Mia because she is considered Mentally Retarded. 


They will not give her a kidney.  Donated by her parents.  Because of her mental IQ.  I am in complete shock.


Please help us.  Please go and read Mia’s story HERE.  Her mother writes it better than anyone else ever could.  Please share.  Tweet it.  Facebook it.  E-mail CHOP. E-mail everyone.  Please. We know Mia. We love her.  I’m asking as if it were Alexander…. because it could be.  Please help her.


Kristen @ www.alittlesomethingforme.com


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