Just Because You Could, Doesn't Mean You Should

I am a self-proclaimed Lysa Terrkerst junkie. I am a book reading, Bible study following groupie. The truth in her words feeds my soul the way The Pioneer Woman’s recipes feed my belly.

Several years ago when her book Made to Crave came out I was a bit disappointment because I didn’t need a book on weight loss. I remember thinking food is not my issue.

In Just Call Me Piglet I wrote:

I have always, always been the skinny girl. You know the girl who would eat a double, double, bacon, bacon, cheese, cheese burger, burger please with a side of curly fries, a quencher Dr. Pepper and two tacos as a snack! Everyone told me that one day it would all catch up to me. They warned me my metabolism would slow down and blah, blah, blah. But I was all skinny, sitting on my high horse, saying, “Never. I will never, ever let myself get that big, ever.”

Now here I sit four years later and twenty-five pounds heavier. I am struggling to stay motivated. I am in a vicious cycle of self-deprivation followed by self-indulgence. READ MORE

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