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It's been cold and stormy here in the San Francisco area, which means that my swimsuits have definitely been packed away for some time now. Lately I've been wearing tights either under my jeans (not just to keep warm, but because I have chronic sock-falling-down issues when I wear my fall boots) or with skirts. I've been taking ballet classes once a week since January, which means I'm running around in leggings (or tights again) on Saturdays. And since I've been reorganizing my wardrobe, I realized that except for two pairs of pants, all my pants are skinny.

All those tights and leggings and skinny jeans? With all that rubbing up on my legs and such? I hate to admit that things are getting a little bumpy with all of that friction.

Yep, I'm talking about ingrown hairs. Sad but true -- they're not just for swimsuit season, but that's when they tend to really irritate and irk us the most.

I try to be really good about using a non-salt scrub when I shave my legs (because salt + razor nicks = stinging!), and follow up the shaving with a nice moisturizing lotion, but bumps do happen. Alas.

This summer, I made the jump into buying the Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Peeling Pads -- just like my favorite eye make-up remover, they come in individual pre-soaked pads in a jar, so you just pick up a pad, run it over your somewhat-freshly shaved (Bliss recommends 12 hours after shaving and 24 hours after waxing, because otherwise it will sting) areas, and the salicylic and glycolic acids help break down any ingrowns you already have and prevent more from popping up. (Bliss also say they work on upper arm bumps, too, which is very nice of them to point out.) I still have a good amount left over from the summer, so I'll be opening them up again to take care of the fall crop. (Sigh.)

They are pricey at $38 a jar for 50 pads, but Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog recommends cutting the pads in half to make them last a little longer -- they still work just fine wherever you may need them. Blissworld is offering them at 2 for $68 (regular price $76), but that's still $34 a jar...! Still, it's worth it to me, at least.

Other beauty bloggers loving the Bliss pads include Jamie from the Beauty of Life and BellaSugar.

Are you still fighting bumps after swimsuit season is over? What do you do to prevent or treat ingrown hairs, wherever they may pop up?


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