Just Call Me Piglet

Have you ever looked in a mirror and laughed because surely it was one of those fun mirrors from a carnival? You know cause your mid section couldn’t possibly be that big. Right? Then you scroll the vacation pictures your kids snapped with the camera and you are shocked when you see your tummy rolling over your jeans and what appears to be back fat wrinkling your shirt. No? Just me? Huh?

I have always, always been the skinny girl. You know the girl who would eat a double, double, bacon, bacon, cheese, cheese burger, burger please with a side of curly fries, a quencher Dr. Pepper and two tacos as a snack! Everyone told me that one day it would all catch up to me. They warned me my metabolism would slow down and blah, blah, blah. But I was all skinny, sitting on my high horse, saying, “Never. I will never, ever let myself get that big, ever.”

When Mr. C and I first started dating he affectionately called me Piglet because of the amount of food I could and would shamelessly put down.  You can say that our stomachs fell in love before our hearts did.  It was all fun and games then because I barely weighed a buck o’five. I now weigh 144 pounds.  That is more than I did when I was nine months pregnant with any one of my kids.

I often wonder “How?” How did I gain so much weight? Then I remembered hearing once that it happens slowly. If you gain one pound a week, who will notice? It’s at the end of the year when you are fifty-two pounds heavier the realization hits you.

I don’t think I am alone in this struggle. While my goal is to lose this weight in a healthy way, I want to do it the real life way. You know, where you swear off every fast food joint, vow to do two a day workouts and then find yourself shoving in brownies, drinking wine while watching The Biggest Loser asking yourself, “How in the world did they let themselves get so big?” Wait! That’s what I do now.

Seriously though.  In real life I am a wife and mom, juggling a crazy busy schedule, raising kids while maintaining a household. I want to be able to do this eating real food, albeit healthier and less than I eat now, working out and putting on my big girl panties and use some freaking self-control!

I will be updating my progress frequently on Twitter and Facebook. I will also dedicate a monthly post here on Another Housewife tracking my progress. Where ever you are on your weight loss/get healthier journey I would love to join you. It doesn’t matter if you have five pounds or a hundred to lose. My hope is for us to gain inspiration, tips and tricks, laugh at our trial and error, get encouraged when we experience set-backs, be praised with every accomplishment no matter how small and most importantly lose some freaking weight and get healthier – duh!


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