Just in case you were thinking maybe the sexism in tech was drawing to a close...

Check out this comment made by a visitor to Jessica Livingston's blog, responding to the question, "Why are there so few women founders of tech companies?"


"Yes, there is a cause. Biology. There are women at the highest echelons
of almost every sector now. The numbers are lower, but they are there.
These women are "extraordinary." They are a lot further from the gender
median than high-achieving males are from theirs.

Being an
extraordinarily high achiever requires commitment and
single-mindedness. Women can do this, but it is not sexist to note that
biologically women are not optimized to single-mindedness. At a natural
level, women are focused (mostly by biology, partly by culture) on
society, caring for groups, raising children, and so forth. They need
to be good in a lot of areas, rather than extraordinary in one.

on the other hand, have little biological need to avoid being
single-minded. The species would continue to thrive even if ALL men
were 100% focused on their careers and just had sex with random women
on a regular basis. On the flip side, the species would totally fail if
ALL women were 100% focused on their careers and chose work over

It's biology. Not discrimination.. at least,
unless you count mother nature as some sort of entity who discriminates
by making us as we are."