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Losing a pet is never easy; that they almost always leave us behind is what I call a "bad design." Blogger Ann Handley has penned a beautifully raw post about the painful awareness of losing her "weird little boy", Chile.

"The truth is that Chile is connecting me to my own past – to the loss of my father, my mother, and even my own son. There is no hierarchy here, that exalts the demise of one kind of being and dismisses the other. They are all souls who’ve been loved. I’ve made decisions about Chile that I’ve never had to make for a human: Should we try to make him better? (Yes.) Even if it costs money? (Yes.) What if he needs another echo-cardiogram? (So?) Will you pay for that? (Yes.) In that way, I’m forced to give my love for Chile a dollar value — a bottom line, so to speak — in the way we humans rarely are called to do for one another."

King Cocker Spaniel

Image credit: amlamster via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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