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Nancy Davis Kho

The first clue that my stable footing as a lifelong music fan was  suddenly precarious came when a bouncer at a concert called me a cougar. The second was when, seeing the shocked reaction, the same bouncer said, “Oh, man, I totally misunderstood. You’re just here to drop off your kids!”

I'm not exclusively a music blogger, but music is a strong central line through all I do and write about. My particular bugaboo is reconciling a lifelong devotion to music with the fact that I'm a busy working mom of two kids and barely have time to read the entertainment section, let alone go to shows. Bt that doesn't mean I'm out of the loop, or want to be.

I'm interested in getting together with other women music bloggers - female musicians who blog, bloggers who promote the work of musicians, or people like me for whom writing about music is simply another way of writing about life. I'd love to figure out how we can support one another, exchange experiences, and show the world that music blogs aren't the exclusive purview of emo college boys. Or that women who care about music are groupie-wanna-be's.

Full disclosure - I'm a BlogHer newbie this year, so would welcome any help and suggestions in organizing the panel. Hope to meet some like minded women in San Diego!

Nancy Davis Kho

About Me: I'm a freelance writer whose essays have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Skirt!, The Sun, and Adirondack Life, and I had my first music review published recently on the music blog Caught in the Carousel.  Closer to home I blog about parenting, work/life balance, and yes, music at Normalarkey (www.normalarkey.com.)