Just Ducky Halloween Costume

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Homemade costumes are the rule at our house. Bonus points if they can be made with easy to find materials such as this cute duck costume.

  • Start by making a paper bag vest from a brown grocery bag: Holding the bag upside-down, cut up the middle of the bag and over the edge of the bag’s bottom. Cut a round neck hole out of the bottom of the bag and an arm hole in each side.
  • Cut paper plates into eighths. Starting at the bottom of the vest and working your way up, glue the “feathers” onto the bag with a hot glue gun, making sure that the entire bag is covered.
  • Hang the vest on an old hanger outside and spray paint the entire vest yellow.
  • Glue on yarn ties to close the vest at the front.
  • To make the head, cover a ball cap (except for the bill) with paper plate feathers and paint. When this is dry, cut orange felt to cover the bill, top and bottom, and glue in place. Add eyeballs. Ours are Styrofoam, but you could use white plastic bottle lids, too.

I've also used the same method to make a black dog. The only difference was the hat. For that costume, use a black skull cap and glue on droopy felt ears.

Kris Bordessa is a freelance writer and the author of several books for kids and educators.


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