Just give me a cow and some chickens.....

We survived the party! Our daughter is officially one. Her party was a success and we appreciate everyone who made it. Next year we might delay her party. Seems everyone, even me, had something. We had quite a few day of cancellations....but who doesn't love cupcakes? We had enough for one every night for a week! But it was a wonderful party and we look forward to many more. Is it terrible I am already planning next years theme? Oh it's a toss up Cinderella or Alice in wonderland? Hmmm....I only have 365 days to plan ha. So, I am not going to get political that isn't my point here but I know lots of people hurting financially right now. We have one income so I know what people are going through. I have been doing lots of research and have learned a few tricks myself and thought I would start sharing my frugal tips. I really wish sometimes we had some land, a cow and some chickens. In life all we really need are a few vegetable plants, fruit trees, a cow for milk, butter, cheese and chickens for eggs. I have saved and am now starting to make a lot of what we need myself. Is it easier sometimes to run into the store for a loaf of bread or a jar of mayo? Yes! But, what if stores started to close or bread was 6.00 a loaf! I am trying to not be so dependent on brands and stores. Yesterday I made mayonnaise. It actually tastes a lot better than the brand names. I know mayonnaise is terrible for you and no one really likes to admit they eat it. But we know we use it....turkey sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw, deviled eggs, etc. Ever read all the ingredients on the jar? Yeah all I needed yesterday was a room temperature egg, mustard, vegetable oil, lemon juice and kosher salt. Blend everything except oil very well. You can't over blend. It must be very well mixed. Then slowly add in spoonfuls at a time of oil until you have about a cup. Refrigerate. Overall, if you have vinegar, dawn dish soap, baking soda, milk, butter and eggs you can make just about everything you need to clean or eat. Don't have butter milk? Milk and butter heated and mixed is buttermilk or heavy cream. Buttermilk can also be made with milk and vinegar. Need sour cream? Yogurt (made with milk) and vinegar gets you sour cream. Try it you might like it!


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