Just Google It!

I am so excited about meeting Laila tomorrow. We have been told all about her by the social worker but we still haven't seen her. Well, that isn't entirely true. We have seen a picture of her but it wasn't from DHR. I simply put her full name, in quotes, into google and did a search. Sure enough, I got 3 hits. All of them were pictures of Laila.

I was pretty surprised to find a picture because it is actually illegal to post pictures or identifying information about foster children. When we became foster parents we had to sign an agreement stating that we would not post our child's identity on the internet. Until our adoption of Elizabeth was finalized I was unable to even put her picture on my facebook page, which is private to everyone except my friends. However, Laila's picture wasn't posted by her foster family. It was posted by her birthmother.

Yes, I found Laila's birthmother. My search brought me to her myspace and her facebook profiles. She only has one picture of Laila posted but it's posted several times. It's a baby picture, so I still don't really know what she looks like now. I just know she was a beautiful baby. I also now have a baby picture of her to cherish. Sometimes foster children don't have alot of pictures of themselves because of multiple placements but I will at least have this one beautiful picture. I am very thankful for that.

Have a blessed week! I'll update tomorrow after our visit!

Blessed Mommy


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