Just My Thing a Foodie Film - CHEF

I've gotten a chance to see Chef twice already! What's great is, the second screening proved to me I really do love the film on its own merit, and not because it's a foodie movie, or because I took a day off from work to see the first screening, or because it features Food Trucks and Social Media, two things I'm in to.  No, it's because writer/director/actor Jon Favreau understands good scenes. Good scenes with fun actors...

like Scarlett Johansson, who plays Molly a hot hostess (btw, loved her look in the movie, like a 1960's Mod Barbie doll) Molly and Chef Casper (Favreau) have a little thing going on, but  instead of showing them having sex, they show him cooking her a mouthwatering garlic and oil type pasta dish as she waits hungrily for it, poised on the bed with one shoulder and a little thigh peeking out of her LBD... READ MORE




Tinsel & Tine (Reel & Dine)


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