Just one more reason why I love him...

Mr. C works long, hard hours.  The second he walks through our front door the kids jump up from whatever it is occupying them at the moment and run, screaming with delight into his arms. Every. Single. Day. There isn’t much time left between the moment he walks through the door and when he tucks them in, prays for them and says goodnight.

Dinner is placed on the table shortly after he arrives.  After prayer, the chatter begins.  It is my favorite time of the day. We all catch up on each others day, the good and bad.

After dinner, Mr. C spends what little time is left playing with the kids.  What they do varies depending on the night.  Last night, while one kids was in the shower and the other was doing their homework, he sat and wrote letters back and forth with our baby girl Kailey.

When I was cleaning up this morning, I was  tempted to pick up the mass of scribbled on paper left on the coffee table in one big sweep and throw it in the trash.  However, once piece of paper caught my eye and I paused to read it. 

One upon a time
There was this little girl named Kailey.
She was a bright little girl with pretty brown eyes 
And a sweet, sweet heart.

P.S. You have a wonderful smile and a sweet laugh!!!

I thought to myself, “This, this is why I love this man so much!” He may not have much time to spend with the kids but it is what he does with the time he does have that causes them adore him so.


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