Just One Rack

I have always had a dresser until I started project 333 when I realized a dresser was way too much and when I recognized how much I like to see all that I have to choose from, all at once, together. Which was when I bought a rack. One day I'll have some lovely copper pipe built-in or some beautiful Pinterest  thing but for now it's this little amazon fellow and just a few articles of clothing.

 And speaking of 33, I'm actually kind of enamored with 10 right now, instead:

 1 pair of shoes

1 pair of jeans

1 pair of shorts
2 tanks
2 blouses
1 dress
1 jacket
1 sweater
Very Charlotte Gainsbourg. Could you do it? I'm not quite there yet but I'm close.
It hasn't been easy to keep the volume low, but only having so much space to hang it helps. I try to allow my taste to overwhelm my hoarding tendencies. When in doubt I ask myself, "how much would I miss this if it were gone? Do I NEED it? Would I be willing to wear it every day?"

When everything goes with everything there really are so many combinations, not that I need to wear something different every day. I actually kind of love wearing the same two outfits, back and forth all week.

This is part of a new series called "Just One" that will document my commitment to simplifying my wardrobe, home and life in the coming year.

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