Just some thoughts on my first blog...

Losing weight and spending a fortune is a HUGE misconception. Let this sink in for a minute..... Now before I go into further details, let me say, " I have not had an Oreo cookie since Feburary of 2012." It has been tough! But worth the results! I learned last week, "The Slippery Slope Fallacy," it was a decision that payed off -1152oz...... *this is for you math budy's :)....... So this my first blog; thank you Mrs. Santine (think saltine, but don't say it out loud,) and Mrs. Manley.  Both who probably think I'm nuts, and wouldn't have the stones to start a blog! In some small way of saying thank you..... Thank you;) NOW, back to the misconception. I am in no way saying that any other product you may happen to purchase is not going to work. Fact is, it will only work if you put in the effort. That's right, I'm talking about will power, instant gratification, can't say no to a !@#$%^& cookie.... It's a staring contest with food..... WAIT!!!!! It doesn't have to be :) You can eat all the "Right" foods you want. *yay!!!! Not, yet...... It's about eating what's best for your body..... A year ago, I would have left the house if you started preparing broccoli. Shit is nasty steamed, but I can eat it fresh with a miniscule drop of Ranch. Next, Female friends, start looking for Sulfer Dioxide in your staples that you purchase from your local market. SERIOUSLY! The dried fresh fruit that you think is so healthy; look again. It's probably dried with HFCS, and Sulfer Dioxide. In my research, I've read time and time again that it gives women headaches 10 fold over men. *laughing* Guys don't eat a lot of dried fruit compared to women, so it's more like 40 fold over men! Or at least they won't admit it.... That's a whole another topic, so let's move on..... I realize that my thesis statement is not going to be covered tonight, and that's because I am tired. This is my first blog; I wanted to share a few things; and I'm probably gonna start doing this full time even if nobody reads this. It's just me putting down words, firestorming, clustering thoughts, brackets.... what ever you wanna call it. *curse word* me running, I got an Idea;)P Thank you all!




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