Just Stop Already

It’s all your fault. Sorry to be so blunt about this, but your life is the way it is because of the decisions you made. Think about it. You had options and you made your decision. But you have the power to turn things around for the better, should you not like where your life is at the present time.

But here’s the thing: you cannot expect to have a better life if you sit still. If you want it…..go get it. But you have to stop yourself from just sitting there and wishing things were better.

You can't just wish for a better job, new car, a condo, a home, a relationship, more money (or whatever else). You have to make moves and make better decisions, that will catapult you into the land of better and towards the things that you want for your life.

You must let go of feeling sorry for yourself. You can't sit there and throw a pity party every week and expect your life to dramatically change for the better. What exactly is that pity party doing for you? For one, it is keeping you from believing that God is the source of your help and can aid you in turning your life around. Self-pity paralyzes you into inaction, you feel so sorry for yourself that you do nothing. And it keeps you focused on the past. You feel sorry for yourself because of what happened to you or what didn’t happen to you. It seems everyone else around you is living a much better life and they are more successful than you. No one is worried about you and what you have going on.

Let’s keep it real, nobody really cares about what your idea of success is and whether or not you even become successful. Ok…..aside from your family and your boo. But everyone is looking out for themselves. That’s why when it comes to a better life, it all falls on YOU!

You have to put in work. You have to pray boldly and expect great things and you have to get off you’re a$$...literally. Work! Grind! Move! Educate yourself! Grow! Do the things that are necessary in order for you to see your life change for the better.

Make the decision today to stop all your foolishness. Stop making excuses, stop blaming other people and stop throwing pity parties. What you need to do is make moves because "dreams don't work unless YOU DO!"

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