Just a thursday

Early Morning 0 degreesI think it was -2 when I woke up this morning, the coldest day of the year so far here in the greater Milwaukee area.  It was pretty windy too, and our last snow was powdery, so it was drifting on the way to Nikki's.  She was feeling pretty sick so I got out early to help her.    

The babies are good.  But their momma has strep throat.  So I had to go give her some momma love and care and help with the boys.  Sleep for her never really worked out, despite trying twice.  Gavin just wasn't into it and he woke her up as soon as she closed her eyes.  And how could she resist.  

Gavin is Smiling :)He's starting to smile a lot and little bursts of glee and laughter, mostly melodious squeals of joy.  Babies are so fun at this age.  I just love them 3-6 months old, when you get this kind of smile back.  He's going to be rapidly changing in the next few months.  Nikki said that Quinn often asks Gavin to play.  How sweet is that?  I brought Gavin over to the train table this morning and sat him on my lap facing towards Quinn so he could watch his brother play.  Soon enough little man.

Quinn asked her for a bath when it was time to get dressed.   

Bubbles!He was splashing and having a great time and then Nikki started blowing bubbles for him.  Bath time is fun-time, but thankfully he didn't stay in long today.  Despite having strep, she bathed him and dressed him.  While I watched.  Hey I wasn't much help was I?  

I did bring her our leftover soup from Laine's Lasagna souprecipe (so good, thanks for the recipe Laine) that we tried last night, so she didn't have to cook tonight.  I just bagged ricotta, green onions, parsley and mozzarella up for her and a half a loaf of bread that was partially stale, but someone said (who) stale bread is almost toast right? and instructed her to butter it and put garlic powder on top and put it in toaster oven for a bit.  I bet she didn't feel good enough to heat this up tonight.  

I just happened to have some turkey rice soup frozen, so I brought that to her and made it for lunch.  She said it felt so good on her throat. Tomorrow I'm going to make her go to bed without Gavin.  She needs to rest.  The clinic at Walgreens saw her and gave her the test and a prescription for penicillin so she should be on the way back to healthy soon.  

Tonight I made a mushroom and onion quiche with guyere cheese for dinner.  It was beautiful and delicous but I forgot to take a picture.

Not because it's January or anything logical except I want to increase my stamina and get healthy, and I didn't make a resolution so I don't feel guilty for skipping a day, but this week I started riding the incumbant bike again.  While 10 minutes a day isn't much, it's a start.   

We Started Something YesterdayYou know, when we go on this cruise in June, we are going to go right by the Costa Concordia.  Both hubby and I think that the cruiseline industry is going to crack down on their regulations so this disaster doesn't happen again.  

I don't have much more to say for today.  I'm pretty tired!  How was your day?  


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