Just Won a Lottery and it's Swag!

 The FedEx truck just stopped in front of my house.  At first I thought it was the delivery of a book I've been waiting for but then I saw the driver carrying a rather large box.  Maybe my husband ordered something, I thought.  I went to the door and saw that it was addressed to me.  Oh, I do like a surprise! 

I opened it up and saw it was "swag" from the BlogHer 2011 conference from the P&G exhibitor at the conference.  Truth to tell I had forgotten all about it.  I remember filling out my name and address while at their booth during the conference but expected that if they did send something out, it would be a few samples...but this? I'm impressed.

*Now it's important to know that this is not a sponsored post - no one asked me to write it and I'm not receiving any compensation to write about this.  I'm just this impressed.

For the most part, these are not samples...they are "full blown" products like you'd buy off the store shelf.  Talk about a marketing strategy that I find very interesting.  Also of interest to note is that I use quite a few of these products and the ones I don't I will be able to share with my daughter.  So, no waste.  Actually I didn't realize that some of these products fall under the P&G umbrella - things like the Olay soap [which is so friendly to my over-50 skin] and the Pantene hair care products. 

And a few remind me of other things.  My mom used to use Fabreze [this box contains two full-size Fabreze products].  She spent the last year of her life in a nursing home because of her fragile health and hated the "nursing home" smell so used Fabreze.  It helped to make her time there more bearable and for that I'm grateful.  Funny how a product can make you think of someone you loved.  Another product that touched my memory circuits is a jar of Vicks VapoRub.  You remember this don't you? This product is over a century old and I can remember my mom rubbing it on my chest to help me breathe and I used it for my children.  Of course there are many more "rules" to useage on the box for it than there used to be, but old remedies still work.

So, not only was the conference itself, in content and networking, of extreme value but the peripheries were fantastic.


Linda C Smith, Artist and Writer



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