K-Cups Were Making Me Sick

A cup of hot bold, aromatic coffee is one of my most delightful elixirs and faithful morning companions. I am one that does not pop out of bed with vim and vigor to greet the day, rather I wake muddled and fuzzy headed until I can consume my mug of delicious instant-producing clarity that enables me to greet and step lively into my day. For my birthday last year I received a new brewing system that allowed me to stimulate my neuro- transmitters quicker and with much more ease. I loved my new brewing system that simply allowed me to drop in a little cup and within a minute or so, a fresh hot cup of my favorite vice. What I was unaware of, was the impact those convenient little cups were making on my health. This is my story and while searching the Internet and social medial sites, I am unaware if there are any, other than my husband (to a degree), that has suffered the same consequences of using the ever so convenient K-cups.

It started off intermittently with headaches and sinus pressure. It was ‘that time of year’ in Oregon where the rain drizzles on and the cold soaks to the bone. I just figured I was battling chronic sinus and used all the varying remedies to help relieve the discomfort. Nettie pots, nasal spray, sometimes even antibiotics were used in attempt to clear up this constant malady.

Then came the fatigue. Crashing fatigue. It came on mid morning and lasted through much of the day. I tried changing my diet, juicing, upping my vitamins, rigorous exercise, going to bed earlier. I even cut down from the daily two to three cups of coffee a day, to just one in the morning.

Six months dragged on. What was wrong with me? Blood tests came out fine and proved I was in perfect health. Was it all in my head? Or maybe it was just a part of aging. I was well past menopause, which had been a difficult life transition for me (www.planetsweetpea.com).

It came to me one morning as I traced back what had been going on in my life when all these symptoms first appeared. It was after my birthday. The only thing I had changed was the way I made my morning coffee. Could it be the K-Cups?  I decided to to see if I felt any different without using this brewing system and the plastic cups…with who knows what kind of chemicals are used in their manufacturing.

It took about three days and the fog began to lift. My energy came back and my sinus pressure lifted. Again, I thought am I just manufacturing this in my head? So I continued K-Cup free for one week before reintroducing them in the brewing of my morning coffee. Within a few hours I was back lying on the couch with headache, fatigue, and dripping the saline solution through my sinuses. It seemed ridiculous, and I could not find any substantiating evidence supporting my experience that the K-Cups were the source of my discomfort.

So I waiting a couple weeks renewing my energy and wellness and tried it again. Results positive. For this coffee lover, I am for whatever reason, intolerant of whatever is in the K-cups used in these particular-brewing systems. (I do not have the same effect with the Verismo system produced by Starbucks). I am not willing to test this again as I cherish days I feel joy and vitality.

Noticing the marked change in my well being, my husband, too tried this K-cup free test, and while he had not suffered from headaches and sinus pressure, he too has felt less fatigue and greater energy not using the K-Cups.

It may take me a bit more time and fuss in the morning before enjoying my cherished Cup-o-Joe, but it is so worth it as I walk briskly and step with joy into my day.

Jan Brehm


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