Kaffeeklatsch With Athena


Incirlik AB

Cooking and walking you through all of my favorite homemade recipes and experiments, one wisecrack at a time. Come have coffee with me at Kaffeeklatsch With Athena.  I am a military spouse with kids and animals, currently coming to you from Adana, Turkey.  Half of my life, I have been making my food from scratch because I missed something I couldn't/didn't want to eat (First I was a vegetarian, then a vegan, then a vegetarian,then it was, and still is, no HFCS/preservatives, now I live in Turkey, away from a lot of the foods I have always loved, and when I am on the wagon, I lean towards the paleo philosophy), and over time, I have learned the ins and outs of making your own food, and that it just tastes so much better that way. I AM cook, and so can YOU!