Kale Granola! {Two Vegan Recipes}

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I have been obsessed. Obsessed, I tell you!

Last month I visited Lifethyme Natural Market for the first time and picked up a package of kale granola.  What? Uh huh, kale granola. I almost didn’t buy it.  First I grabbed a bag of BBQ Kale Chips and was being obnoxiously loud and giddy about finding it. One of the women behind the (vegan) bakery counter pointed out the kale granola. I looked at it and, I must admit, couldn’t even imagine it so I put the package down.  I started to walk away and she said “here, try it” and she opened up a package. Wow, she must have sensed the kale monster that lives deep down inside of me. I tried it – and – WOW!  I bought a package (as did several of my friends).

I couldn’t wait to try to make my own. Before going on vacation I tore the label off so that I could work with the ingredients to create my version of a kale granola.  When I returned, the label, which I had placed near the dehydrator, was gone.  I can blame one of three cats, my husband, or the kind woman who cleans my house every two weeks.  But blame won’t get me anywhere. The label was gone!  I Googled to see if anyone had written about the amazing Lifethyme Kale Granola. Nada.

This is what I remembered:  kale (natch), coconut, pumpkin seeds. That’s it! Ugh. I created a raw Candy-Coated Buckwheat Granola recipe last year and turned to it for guidance.

Here’s what I came up with on the first try.

Kale & Buckwheat Granola Cereal [click to continue…]

JL writes the blog JL goes Vegan:  Food & Fitness with a side of Kale and is writer/editor of Stop Chasing Skinny.


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