Kaliwood Awards: 2014 Golden Globes

I found it interesting this year that many of the ones I loved live on TV did not photograph that well, and vice versa. The ones I picked as my worst photographed not-so-bad. So, it may seem like I've gone off the fashionista deep end, but I promise you, watch the broadcast and it will all make sense!

Best Dressed - Gold
Sister, you'll get me with a cape every time. This photo makes it look strange with the movement but it was so chic and simple. GUSH. Ralph, good job buddy. 
Best Dressed - Silver

Again, this photograph does not do this look justice! It was gorgeous on TV and yay for Zooey not being drunk/high this year! 
Best Dressed - Bronze

I call this the FINALLY look. Don't get me wrong - I love Taylor in her shimmery gold/silver looks all the time. They are awesome. But this is different for her and it looks FANTASTIC! Love the color and the silhouette. Just rocked it.
Best Dressed - Honorable Mention 



 I think Elizabeth rocked the hi-lo hemline in the best way. The dress went well with her hair color and it was light and glamorous, paired perfectly with a strappy shoe.
Love/Hate Look


This award goes to the dress I can't make up my mind about (Runner Up: Emma Watson). At first glance it looks like shes going to a college toga party, or is wrapped up in a comforter? But then I look again and I kind of love it... still torn.
Best Tailoring

This dress fit her like a glove and she looked fabulous. It's hard to get that plunging neckline just right so it's not sagging but also not smashing her girls in. Expertly executed.
Best Plus Size


I really look forward to seeing what the curvy girls wear because I know it's a challenge for them to get it right with all the skinny bisches running around. I know some people were hating on this one but Melissa nailed it. It's slimming and the grey accent draws the eye to the right places. Good job, girl!
Best Change of Pace
Sofia and T Swift were in the running for this. Sofia is known to wear the thin fabric, skin-tight dresses. And I get it, her body is sick. But I breathed a breath of fresh air when I saw this! It photographs huge and looks like too much fabric but on TV it looked great! Finally a dress that shows off her curves but keeps it sophisticated! Love you Zac P!
Worst Dressed - Gold
White body suit with ruffle blanket applicae? Um.. no. Yes, she is gorgeous, but this dress tried to be high fashion and it failed miserably. And please just burn those shoes. Thanks.
 Worst Dressed Runner-Up


I'll give Lena some props. This dress doesn't look as bad in photos. But it was a hot mess. Too bright and figure hugging for this curvy girl. It was also wrinkled! Just did not look flattering at all!

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