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BlogHer '14 keynote interviewer Kara Swisher, American technology columnist, author, and Co-CEO of Revere Digital, says we shouldn’t focus on the technology, per se. Instead, we should be talking more about what it does and how it can solve major societal challenges.

WATCH as Kara Swisher, who is also the co-executive editor of Re/code with fellow veteran technology writer Walt Mossberg, and co-executive producer of The Code Conference, talks with genConnect about what technologies excite her, and why she thinks Silicon Valley is full of “a lot of great minds chasing small ideas:”

“We don’t think of cars as machines, we think of them to get us places. We don’t think of roads as asphalt—we think of ways to get us places,” Swisher said. “We are too enamored with the technology, and so the next phase in the Internet is about story-telling, it’s about people, about facilitating things … it’s warm, not cold. The internet is cold. Where it’s going next—it’s what we do with the medium.”

What’s of great interest to Swisher, in terms of hot new technologies with vast potential, are sensors.

“We have a better idea of what’s actually happening with pollution, with health, with people’s lives, with commuting, with everything,” she said.

While there is a downside of being a constantly-monitored society, she conceded, there are some definite upsides to understanding “what’s really going on versus what we think is going on.” The use of great data in positive ways around health care, poverty, and other areas, will help us avoid all of the guessing that goes on now. Technological ability can eliminate a lot of guesswork.

Whereas much of the Internet has become very “trivial,” Swisher said, there are other technologies that can be used to create exciting solutions to challenging problem. The areas of 3D printing and space travel are two such areas of innovation. “I think we’re probably entering a very exciting period of innovation—of big stuff, rather than small,” Swisher added.

“I think we’re ready for the big ideas.”

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