Karaoke 101 (aka Big D and the Broken Lizard)

I must admit, I'm not used to doing karaoke with a bunch of people who I did not grow up with (aka non-Taiwanese people). Thus, it was a bit of a shell shock when I realized the group I was with didn't all collectively know the two rules of Fight Club karaoke:

  1. You pick songs.
  2. You sing songs.

You'd think it was a given but  those people needed some guidance. There was one instance where there was silence...SILENCE. No one had picked a song. And this was at the beginning of the night, where in my experience, everyone is fighting over each other for the remote/touch screen to get their songs in before somebody else takes it away! So to have absolute silence because people didn't put in a song was a rather new experience for me. Now in no way am I judging these people or saying this in a negative light. I'm just pointing it out because it's kind of a culture shock to me. It's like eating rice with chopsticks this whole time and then someone handing me a spork. Like, you want me to do what now?

At the beginning I didn't want to plug away at the songs because then it would turn into a one woman show, starring Diana, produced by Diana, and directed by Diana. Like that's a bit much...but after the silence, I had no choice but to take the lead.

After the rocky start and everyone got the feel of everyone's song preferences, the night turned from awkward to awesome. I would like to think we all had a blast, even if at one point I had the mic for 5 songs straight (whoops).

The point of karaoke is to unleash your inner rock star without embarassing yourself among strangers...and everyone going into karaoke have the mentality that they're not here to see a jaw-dropping show. Have confidence. If you know the tune of a song but can't remember the lyrics, don't worry. Choose it and wing it. People know not to take anybody seriously at karaoke.You don't have fun if you're self-aware. That's not what karaoke is about. Check yourself at the door and come to the mic as your inner rock star. The secret, my dear friends, to being awesome (and to have fun) at karaoke is to:


In my case, it's owning my inner rap star: Big D.

OG and I performed a stellar rendition of I'm On a Boat. It was a surprise to everyone, including me, because a) never practiced it with him before and b) didn't even know he could rap. Later that night, I found out OG didn't even know where the song was from!

OG: It was from the Saturday Night Live people right?
Me: Yep. Their digital shorts.
OG: By the Broken Lizards?
Me:...Lonely Island...WTF is a broken lizard?
OG: No idea.

And that is how OG got his stage name. So now Big D & the Broken Lizard are teaming u

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