Karen and Michael's Great Golf Adventure

Obviously to me, things were lining up to tell us not to take this trip to San Juan.  From us missing the departure flight on Wednesday morning, to the card propped on our pillows at the hotel in Atlanta saying to not answer the door if someone knocked.  And then this stupid sickness that decided to take up residency in my chest!

Welcome to Atlanta  

We did arrive on Thursday finally, and extended our stay until Tuesday to make up for the missed day.  The car rental company wasn’t so helpful about us changing the days of rental, they in fact told us to cancel the car rental and start over with the reservation.  Very helpful Budget.  NOT!  It cost us an extra 300 dollars from them to rent the car that we barely used.  The only time our rental car came out of parking was to go to Trump International Golf course and from what the gal in the pro-shop told me, it would only have cost about 150 dollars for a taxi.  Oh yea, we took the car back to the airport too.  


So our round of golf at Trump International cost us upwards of a thousand dollars between the cost to golf and club rental and the dang car.  But it was a priceless round, because I found that I can still golf.  I still have game, I can still do it.  Even Evil Karen showed up on the course.  Evil Karen is my arch nemesis who shoots the ball off at a 90 degree angle to the left.


Since I was sick, yes I am still sick, this respiratory disease I’ve had for 12 days has now relocated to my right lung and gurgles when I lay down.  Hubster and I golfed on Sunday.  I decided that I wasn’t as sick as I had been the previous few days and that I would be up to golf on Sunday morning.  I really just couldn’t see wasting another day not going when I just wasn’t getting better anyway.


Sunday we got to the golf course after a bit of excitement and confusion along the way.  First, I picked the scenic route to Trump because hubby has never seen the Flavor of Puerto Rico outside the hotel compound.  I guess there was also a triathlon or some biking event going on around San Juan.  We spent the first half hour of our trip to the golf course dodging bike riders on our side of the road and the cars coming from the opposite direction.   

I was unsure of one of the turns and we ended up going down a dead end street, rather dead end path that didn’t have a proper place to turn the car around, but we managed somehow, you know, a three thousand point turn, and got to the end of the gravel road just in time to have a bicycle run into us, scrape the heck out of the car too... and he kept going.  This guy wasn’t one of the athletic golfers we dodged ... he was just out meandering and not paying attention when he scraped the side of the car.  He was ok, I’m assuming he was ok because he didn’t stop.  The side scrape didn’t even seem to phase him.  I was very shook up though, enough for both of us.   

We shook that off, hoping that he didn’t scratch the car (I know, sounds cold... but you had to be there-we were scared).  Both of us forgot to check the car once we got to the golf course and neither of us remembered to look until we were returning the car, and there I saw a big scratch or maybe it was dirt in a scratch shape.   Budget didn’t check the car and I am hoping that the scratch wasn’t a scratch and we don’t hear anything further from them.  

We each bought a shirt that is embroidered with Trump International for a souvenir and then we headed off to the range.  I hate the driving range.  It seems pointless to me to hit all your good shots while practicing!  Actually, I don’t want to depress myself with how I am hitting either... So I hit just a few balls with my 7 iron and the driver and went back to the cart to wait for hubby to finish practicing.  

There were huge white egrets on hole number one, but I figured if they were on hole one, they’d be on hole two too, and I didn’t get any photo’s of the great egrets because I was too excited to start playing golf.


I was under the impression that all our holes were going to be along the seashore but I was wrong.  Something was lost to me in the translation when making the tee time and only one hole we played was by the ocean.


After 14 holes I just couldn’t go much farther.  I told hubby I just needed to rest for a few holes and I’d play the last hole.  That’s when I strapped the camera around my neck and started some serious photography.  Well, just as serious as I could get in between his shots.  The game moves pretty quickly when only one person is playing so I didn’t have a lot of time.




I shot a 58 on the front nine, that was respectable after 2 years off the game.  I think the photos are much better than my game was.


Trump International is a beautiful golf course located at the base of El Yunque national forest.  It is a 36 hole course, the International and the Championship courses.  We played the Championship course and it wasn't that hard for hackers like us.  


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