Kari Dilloo

Group PR Manager, Bing & MSN, Microsoft

Kari Dilloo is a PR and integrated marcom pro with more than 15 years of experience promoting consumer brands. Currently, Kari helps drive consumer PR for Bing and MSN at Microsoft, including leading the team's social influencer and blogger programs. Prior to Bing and MSN, Kari also worked at Xbox (consumer and corporate PR), Expedia (consumer PR), Edelman (MSN, Cranium), Imagio/J.Walter Thompson (Atom.com) and Publicis (Washington State Potatoes, Nestle).

Some of her favorite (although not always glamorous) career memories include getting dressing up in a potato suit and appearing on Evening Magazine, going on Dr. Phil to give away a vacation package to a couple that lost their ‘spark’, eating cheese with Christie Brinkley at her house in the Hamptons, helping convince Toru Iwatani (creator of Pac-Man) to make a new version of Pac-Man before he retired, and working with a variety of "celebrities" that felt compelled to wear sunglasses indoors long after their careers peaked.

Kari is a Montana native who grew up in a small town self-proclaimed as the Malted Barley Capital of the World. Kari and her husband Ken have 3.5 year old twins, Luci and Mason, that keep them very happy and very busy.