Kathy Strahs

Founder, Panini Happy

Kathy Strahs channels her passions for cooking and online media into two food blogs:  Panini Happy, with over 200 creative grilled sandwich recipes and other innovative uses for the panini maker, and Cooking On the Side, featuring the recipes she finds printed on food packaging. Her first cookbook will be published by the Harvard Common Press in 2013.

Kathy’s work has been featured in Pillsbury Magazine, San Diego Family Magazine and the Associated Press, on the New York Times, Saveur, TLC and Food News Journal websites and highlighted in The Wall Street Journal. She has been listed among the Top 100 Mom Food Bloggers by Babble.com for several years. She has also served as an Executive Judge for the Grilled Cheese Invitational in Los Angeles, World Food Championships in Las Vegas and a number of San Diego County Fair cooking competitions.

Kathy entered the food world following a career in online marketing and advertising for several well known consumer brands. A Silicon Valley native and proud alumna of Stanford University, she now lives in beautiful San Diego, California with her husband Mike and their two preschoolers.