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What Katie Couric's Departure Can Teach You

In late April, it was officially announced that Katie Couric is leaving CBS Evening News. This doesn't come as a surprise for people who knew all along that while Couric is super-talented, the anchor desk was not her place to shine.

In the Huffington Post announcement, Couric is quoted as saying:

She called the anchor desk a "pretty confining venue," and said she wanted to be doing something that was "a little more in my wheelhouse," and "what I think I do best, which is interacting with people, interviewing with people."

You can see the Tavis Smiley interview here:

In my view this is the tactical way of saying what so many of us knew at the get-go when she moved from the Today Show to the anchor chair. Katie - don't do it! You're meant to BE with people and allowing your true talent for connecting with people one-on-one to shine.

What it brings up for me is the idea of taking a job post because it seems like the logical next step in your career path. No disrespect to the holy and sanctimonious stature of the anchor chair. It is legendary and frankly an iconic position in all of television news journalism.

After all, as Mashable reminds us, Couric made history as being the first solo primetime anchor for a U.S. network news show. She literally paved the way for future generations of women to occupy that coveted seat.

Yet, I wonder if at some time a tape played in Couric's head that said - this is a rite of passage I must do. This is history, this is a monumental opportunity, and it would be a big black career mark to turn it down. Yet for all the honor, gratitude, and prestige, a part deep inside of me wonders if she actually felt fully alive and enjoyed the time she spent in the position.

We won't know for sure (at least not until a book comes out one day...) but what this story reminds me is that ultimately we will be guided to the work we're most meant to do. Each of us are meant to express our own uniqueness. It's where our true prosperity lies. One way or another we're meant to follow that path even if there are detours along the way.

In her official statements and the interview above, it sounds like she is looking to be more in the mainstream and back with everyday people. She thrived there while on the Today Show. Her fans will be excited to see what's next.

What do you think about taking jobs because they feel like the "expected" path? Have you ever pursued a position simply because it seemed to be helpful to your career even though it didn't seem up your alley? Would love to hear your personal stories... and heck I'd love the scene behind the seen from Ms. Couric, but I don't think we'll hear that quite yet...


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