Katie Taylor

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Katie has been writing online since 2007, when she started an anonymous blog to rant and rave about law school.  Five years, three blogs, and one law degree later, Katie quit ranting (at least online!) and got cozy with her creative passions.  After spending way too many hours pouring over other people's crafting, cooking, and DIY blogs, she finally started one of her own and now blogs regularly at www.ktmade.com.

In addition to sharing photographs, recipes, tutorials, and gratuitous photos of her dog, Katie writes extensively about the ups and downs of trying to connect with your most creative.  Sometimes that means slapping paint on a canvas or walking outside with your camera, but often it's time spent cultivating a quiet acceptance of your vulnerabilities, imperfections, and humanity.  

Katie lives in Burlington, Vermont with her fiancee and their rescue dog. She can't wait until she has a farmhouse in the country to blog about.