Katy Perry Cut From Sesame Street For Turning Moms On

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On Sesame Street, you can still come and play where everything is a-ok; you can be on your way to where the air is sweet ... just as long as you're not showing too much breast.

A segment filmed for Sesame Street showing Katy Perry dancing with Elmo was cut from the show with the reason given that the dress Perry was wearing to sing her song "Hot N Cold" was too revealing. You know -- that dress the director looked at throughout the filming which was probably chosen by the costume staff. That's the one that surprised them enough to cut the scene.

The clip, which aired first on YouTube, wasn't supposed to be seen until later in the season. There is no word about whether Sesame Street will refilm the song in order to still use Perry, or whether she'll be cut from the program altogether.

Bloggers weighed in with their thoughts:

  • Anything Hollywood points out that "Sure she had some cleavage, but that’s nothing new for the always half naked Katy Perry."
  • Stupid Celebrities says, "parents found it a little too boobylicious for a children’s show."
  • Don't Take the Repeats is offended by the video and says, "I'm alright with women looking attractive, even using their breasts as an asset to their appearance. After all, we have to carry them around, right? They might as well look good. For some reason though, I'm NOT all right with this."

But really, is cleavage that much worse than trying to explain True Blood to two-year-olds?

What do you think of Katy Perry's video? Do you think it should have been cut from Sesame Street?

Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her book is Navigating the Land of If.


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